What is AmazonSmile 

The Friends has registered with AmazonSmile to be eligible to receive .5% of each eligible purchase made through the AmazonSmile portal. Once you have set up your access, the donation is made automatically by the AmazonSmile Foundation.

Here is how to go about supporting the Friends this way in addition to your regular support.

  • Have an Amazon account and be logged in to the AmazonSmile portal.
  • Go to the AmazonSmile setup page and choose us as your charity.
  • When selecting products, you can see if that selection is eligible (most are).

The Friends of the RB Library and the RB Library will be grateful for your participation. It’s especially valuable at this time of the year but .5% of every eligible purchase from Amazon throughout the year will help us and our library achieve our goals of bringing the right library materials and programs to all the children, teens, and adults of Rancho Bernardo and its environs.

Thank you so much for helping.

Here are detailed instructions

Use a browser to go to

In the upper right click the Hello, Sign In in tab: 1.Account Sign In

If you do not have an account create one, then return to the sign in process. When you hover over "Accounts & Lists", you should see a display with this left column:  2.Lists

with AmazonSmile Charity Lists at the bottom. Click that.

The Smiles page will open. Scroll down until you see the Search by Cause section and enter “Friends of the Rancho Bernardo Library, Inc.” into the search box. A new page should appear showing us as selected. You are now set to shop.

When shopping the upper left should show: 3.Logo

And when something is selected you should see this: 4.Product

Or it is not an eligible product.

To insure you always use AmazonSmile, just bookmark it in your browsers:

Thanks for supporting the Friends.