We need your help to design a brand-new logo for our organization. Enter our community-wide Logo Design Contest during the month of May and help raise awareness of the importance of the Friends of the Rancho Bernardo Library. Our Entry Form  has the  complete contest rules.

Now, we’re sure you know all about the wonderful Rancho Bernardo Library, right? It has an extensive and up-to-date collection of books, magazines and E-resources, numerous public-access computer stations, myriad outstanding free programs for all ages, innovative art exhibits and two very popular concert series. Even the distinctive architecture of its building, perched up there on the hill, is an immediately recognizable and beloved feature of the RB landscape. 

But what we bet you don’t know is there’s a virtually unknown organization quietly working behind the scenes to enable the Library to serve the RB community like it does. This organization is the all-volunteer, non-profit Friends of the Rancho Bernardo Library, founded in 1983 by some visionary folks who recognized what an important cultural asset a library is and who saw the need to supplement the scant city-provided budget.

Bet you also don’t know that the Friends pays for, among other things, children’s paperbacks, the Leased Collection (best sellers and DVDs which can’t be borrowed by other branches) and other materials for adults, the chamber music and jazz concerts and virtually all of the free programs, like the Summer Reading Program, Story Time, Hatha Yoga and the Writers’ Group. Or, that we even raised the private capital necessary to build that iconic building.

So, the Friends of the Rancho Bernardo Library may just be the best kept secret in RB, don’t you think? It’s time, though, to blow its cover. As city funding continues to dwindle, and community use of the library continues to grow, the Friends is ramping up its fundraising efforts to cover the expanding financial gap and knows that the organization needs to come out from behind the scenes to do that most effectively. First step, a catchy new logo that announces our presence and that can grow with us into the future.

Get the picture? Got some ideas? Enter the Logo Design Contest between May 1 and May 31. Who knows, you might just win the cash prize and our undying gratitude, not to mention a bit of RB renown for yourself. No more secret!