Lending Library Recent Purchases - June 2024

1. The Cemetery of Untold Stories      Alvarez, Julia
Alma Cruz, a novelist, inherits a bit of land in the Dominican Republic. There she creates a graveyard for manuscript drafts and characters she did not use. She wants them to rest in peace, but they won’t. They talk back to one another behind her back. Her groundskeeper can hear them, too.

2. The Last Three Wishes      Clews, Lana
Svetlana, born and raised in The Soviet Union in the 1970s has gypsy heritage which keeps her on the margins of society. Aching for liberation, she leaps into another life-- from Bollywood to modeling in Paris. Ignoring her grandmother’s prophecy, she marries a man she believes is her true love.

3. Think Twice      Coban, Harlan
Myron Bolitar is back, and so is Win! Three years ago, Bolitar gave a eulogy for his client, Coach Greg Dowling. Now two federal agents demand to know where Greg is. He has been placed at the scene of a double homicide. Myron and Win set out to find the truth. The more they discover, the more dangerous it becomes.

4. Women and Children First      Grabowski, Alina
In a small coastal town in Massachusetts, a young woman dies at a party. Her death is suspicious. Told through the eyes of 10 local women, it touches on class, womanhood, sexuality, ambition, disappointment, and tragedy.

5. Lost Birds      Hillerman, Anne
Joe Leaphorn, retired from The Navajo Tribal Police, is still a sharp detective. He is looking for the birth parents of a woman who was adopted, but believes she is Dine’. It gets more dangerous after a call to Joe from an acquaintance whose wife is missing, is cut off by an explosion.

6. The 24th Hour     Patterson, James & Paeto, Maxine
A Women’s Murder Club Mystery. The club is meeting for dinner to celebrate member Cindy Thomas’ engagement, Before they even begin, a woman is assaulted in the restaurant, Unfortunately, the woman’s story keeps changing, for a shocking reason.

7. Eruption      Michael Crichton and James Patterson

Michael Crichton died before he finished this tale of a fictional massive volcanic eruption on the Big Island in Hawaii. Crichton’s widow asked Patterson to finish it. “ Eruption is an epic thriller…fast paced and deeply considered..a cinematic story rooted in science and infused with heart, tackling big theses like love and loss.” Time Magazine