August Book Buys

Happy Go Lucky Happy Go Lucky

In the Lending Library For August


1. Zero Hour      Clancy, Tom
Jack Ryan must prevent a second Korean War. The leader of N. Korea is catastrophically injured, triggering sleeper agents in S. Korea to struggle for succession. An anonymous woman from the North offers Jack a way to stop the war, but her price is more than he can afford to pay.

2. Sparing Partners      Grisham, John
His first collection of 3 novellas is about the law, but it has several surprises. “By turns suspenseful, powerful, hilarious, and moving.” (Amazon) Jake Brigance is back in one story, but Grisham creates 3 fascinating new characters for the other two stories.

3. Shattered      Patterson, James
“Nothing could tear Michael Bennet away from his new bride, except the murder of his partner and best friend, Emily Parker” (Amazon) As Bennet investigates her murder, she begins to be seen as a woman who kept secrets and forged powerful connections. Who is the real Emily Parker?

4. Diamond Eye      Quinn, Kate
“Billy Harney…is chasing down a billionaire crime boss…while a young girl’s life hangs in the balance.” “In an empty lot, Billy finds two Kevlar vests, two assault rifles and a handwritten note that asks: Are you having fun yet?” (Amazon)

5. Happy Go Lucky      Sedaris, David
Before the pandemic, life was normal for Sedaris, feeding gummy worms to ants and telling wheeling chair jokes to his 100-year-old father. Then he is in lockdown; vacuuming his apartment twice a day and wondering how sex workers are getting by. He captures the most hilarious, poignant and unexpected in his latest collection of essays.

6. Portrait of an Unknown Woman      Silva, Daniel
“Stylish, sophisticated, and ingeniously plotted, Portrait of an Unknown Woman is a wildly entertaining journey through the dark side of the art world—a place where unscrupulous dealers routinely deceive their customers and deep-pocketed investors treat great paintings as though they were just another asset to be bought and sold at a profit. From its elegant opening to the shocking twists of its climax, the novel is a tour de force of storytelling.” (Amazon)

7. The Love of My Life      Walsh, Rosie
“Emma loves her husband and their daughter, but almost everything she has told them is a lie.” When she is seriously ill her husband begins to uncover the truth. Now she needs to prove to him who she is, and she begins by telling hm about the other love of her life.