New Books for January

Autopsy, Patricia Cornwall Cover Autopsy, Patricia Cornwall Cover Harper Collins


1. Autopsy Cornwell, Patricia
Kay Scarpetta works the first crime scene in space. A catastrophe occurs in a secret lab in outer space, and Kay is trying to find out what happened. As if that isn’t enough, she is also investigating a grisly killing at the railroad tracks.

2. 2 Sisters Detective Agency Patterson, James and Candace Fox
After his death, Rhonda discovers her dad had opened a private detective agency, and she has a half-sister, Baby. Baby brings in a client and they become entangled in a dangerous case.

3. Wish You Were Here Picoult, Jodi
Dana’s life is just as she planned. Her surgeon boyfriend is about to propose on a romantic getaway to the Galapagos Islands. However, a virus keeps her boyfriend back at the hospital, but he thinks she should go by herself. So she does, and everything goes wrong.

4. I Am Not Who You Think I Am Rickstad, Eric
Wayland watches his father kill himself when he is just 8 years old. He finds a note saying, “I am not who you think I am.” He begins to search for the truth with two of his friends and what they discover causes even more confusion.