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August Lending Library Selections

Stacy Abrams "While Justice Sleeps" Stacy Abrams "While Justice Sleeps" Doubleday

August 2021 Book Buys

  • Abrams, Stacey, When Justice Sleeps- A cunningly crafted book, layered with myriad twists and a vibrant cast of characters.”  A law clerk for a legendary Supreme Court Justice is named legal guardian for him when he goes into a coma.  She discovers the judge is secretly researching a high profile, controversial, case.
  • Baldacci David, Daylight (donation) - An FBI agent searches for her twin sister who was abducted at age 6.  Her investigation stumbles into John Puller’s case, blowing his arrest of a drug ring.  They join forces and discover a scheme that strikes at the heart of global democracy.                 
  • Sandra Brown, Blind Tiger- A former WWI soldier, Thatcher, trying to return to his former life as a cowboy, jumps off of a train in Foley, Texas. Because he is new in town he is suspected in the abduction of a woman. A local widow has somehow become a deputy and she and Thatcher, team up to solve the crime.
  • Cosby A. Tears, Razorblade -Unlikely partners, ex-cons, Ike and Buddy Lee, team up to find out who killed Buddy Lee’s son, who was Ike’s son’s husband.  It is fast-paced, bloody, and filled with personal growth and redemption.
  • Dave Laura, The Last Thing He Told Me -Owen Michael disappears after just one year of marriage to Hannah.  He leaves her a note;  “Take care of her.”  It refers to Hannah’s stepdaughter who hates her.  They work together to find him.
  • Freeman Brian, Robert Ludlum’s The Bourne Treachery -Years ago, Bourne failed to rescue a Russian double agent.  His former partner, Nora, is now dead, killed in a mass shooting in Las Vegas.  Now Bourne must prevent another assassination by Lennon, the agent who killed the Russian double agent.  Nothing is what it seems in this Jason Bourne thriller.
  • Grishman John-Sooley -A Sudanese basketball player is given a scholarship to play for North Carolina Central.  He is not expected to play his freshman year, but Sooley practices, alone, at dawn, as if his life depends on it.  His mother’s and brothers’ lives do depend on it.
  • Hanna Kristen, The Four Winds -A woman deemed too old and unattractive marries a man she barely knows and moves in with his Italian family.  She fights for survival during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl.  Each day is a desperate battle to keep her children alive.
  • Lee Andra, Red Island House -In Madagascar, an island off the coast of Africa, Shay, a Black American professor, and her husband, an Italian businessman build a villa.  Over 20 years of marriage and raising her children, a blend of magic, sexual intrigue, and a collision of cultures change her life forever.
  • Clinton Bill, Patterson James, The President’s Daughter-Former president and one-time Navy seal, Matthew Keating goes after the madman who kidnapped his daughter. He goes after the kidnapper while the world watches.
  • Quinn Kate, The Rose Code -As the post-WWII royal wedding of Elizabeth and Phillip approaches, an encrypted letter resurrects an alliance between three female WWII code breakers.  The key to the code reveals a betrayal that sent one of the three to an asylum.
  • Reich Kathy, The Bone Code -Two decomposed bodies in a medical waste container are found after a hurricane in South Carolina.  Tempe Brennan goes to Montreal to research a past case for similarities.  Meanwhile, human flesh-eating contagion spreads in South Carolina.  How are these cases related?
  • Sanford John, Ocean Prey -Three Coast Guardsmen are killed while investigating a suspicious boat.  The FBI’s investigation goes nowhere so Lucas Davenport is called in, and he calls Virgil Flowers.
  • Silva Daniel, The Cellist -Viktor Orlov is a rich exile from Russia, living in London.  He is murdered and Gabriel Allon tries to solve the case and save the U.S. from the corrupting influences of dirty Russian money.
  • Thor Brad, Black Ice -Scot Harvath has everything he wants in Oslo, Norway.  As he leaves a café, he sees a man he killed years ago; how is he still alive?  In a race against time, Scot is tested in ways he never imagined,
  • Winspear Jacqueline, The Consequences of Fear -Maisie Dobbs investigates a possible murder, witnessed only by a little boy, that threatens Britain’s war efforts.  Maisie becomes entangled in a power struggle between Britain’s intelligence efforts in France and the work of free French agents operating across Europe.