Donate Materials to the Library and the Friends

A pile of good books A pile of good books Photo by Jean Scheijen from FreeImages


If you have books, DVDs, or audio-books you would like to donate, please bring them to the Library and give them to the return desk clerk.

Due to COVID restrictions you may only bring up to one "Banker Boxes" (approximately 10"x12"x15" each) at a time and request a tax receipt.

The library staff will pick those items that will enhance the collections.

The Friends will add suitable material to our Lending Library or will sell the items.

The Friends sell books, DVDs, and audio-books—on Amazon, in the bookshop, and at Bag Sales. Do stop in and check us out.

The money raised helps the Friends to support our library and our library to serve Rancho Bernardo.

Donations are always welcome.

These Are Very Useful

These Are not Useful

Trade fiction and mass paperbacks in decent condition.

Fiction—mysteries and biography in particular.

Non-Fiction—finance, math, computer, and self-help in
particular if within 5 years of publication.

Children’s books in readable shape.

DVD’s and Audio Books on CD without scratches.


Magazines, including National Geographic.

Professional journals.

Books with yellowed or marked pages, or broken bindings.

You can contact Zubal Books to see if they will accept any
of this type material