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Tuesday, 05 May 2020 07:21

New Poem by Jean Abrahamson

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Here's a new poem by Jean Abrahamson that we hope you will find helpful during the quarantine.

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Observations by Jean Abrahamson

Listen carefully and you will hear,

Messages from the past.

Use all of your senses to observe.

The possibilities are vast.

Opportunities surround us,

Stay mindful and aware.

Lessons to be learned,

Are found most everywhere.

The mysteries of the universe,

Past and future have been foretold.

Orderly, yet chaotic -

With many secrets waiting to unfold.

Stars in the evening sky shine brightly,

They have much to say.

Watch in awe when you see them,

They are light-years away.

Use your imagination,

When you look around.

Many stories are out there,

Waiting to be found.

Trees grow from seed to saplings,

Then sturdy, strong and tall.

Their concentric circles record moments.

They have seen it all.

At the coast, be sure to watch,

The pull and tug of the ocean.

The sheer beauty of nature,

Will surely stir up an emotion.

Look closely at the many faces,

You see throughout the day.

Each represents generations,

Who have passed along this way.


Seek out the many lessons.

Notice that they surround you.

Study them carefully from,

Your unique point of view.

Somethings never change,

While others will transform.

Nothing ever leaves this world,

It simply changes form.

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