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Friday, 20 March 2020 11:20

You Persisted, I Resisted

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You Persisted, I Resisted by Jean Abrahamson

I finally succumbed after resisting so long.

The idea of you tracking me at first seemed wrong.

Then I learned of your virtues and soon changed my mind.

Your many benefits I continue to find.

I set reason aside and put you on my wrist.

Then I took the first step and no longer resist.

You seem to care about me as I set each goal.

With your guidance and help, I now feel in control.

You encourage me to be more active each day.

Now you’ve got me intrigued and I can’t turn away.

The thought of you counting steps caught my attention.

You took me off into a new brand dimension.

You encourage me daily with each incentive.

When it comes to my health, you’re very attentive.

You have helped me improve my nightly sleep routine.

In multiple ways I would have never have foreseen.

Light sleep, REM sleep, and deep sleep all shown on a chart.

For quality rest, each stage of sleep plays a part.

Heart rate, calories burned – you have features galore.

You’re easily programmed to help me even more.

I feel I owe you a sincere apology.

Yet I don’t want to succumb to technology.

I avoided you so long, yet you persisted.

What other innovations have I resisted?

The question I struggle with is complex, you see.

How to use these new tools without them using me?

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