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Thursday, 09 January 2020 08:47


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A new and timely poem by Jean Abrahamson

Resolve by Jean Abrahamson

Another trip around the sun completed, a new one just begun.

Will you find new experiences this year, or will this be a rerun?

* Resolution, evolution - the shaping of your mind.

  • Strategize as you embrace the rhythm of mankind.

Where does this moment find you; in tune with life or unaware?

Are you full of confidence and thriving or living a life of despair?

* Ask, Who am I and where am I going?

  • Will I be stagnant or will I keep growing?

Take a moment to contemplate your life, it will be worth your time.

No matter where you are today, consider this to be your prime.

* Honor the past and embrace the future.

  • Time moves fast, don’t let it pass in a blur.

Are you optimistic and hopeful or a pessimist, full of dread?

Explore your heart, soul and mind; you won’t be misled.

* Blessings, gratitude and love abound.

  • Tap into each force, they will astound.

Do everything possible to obtain proper perspective.

Cast negativity aside, you’ll find ways more effective.

* What have you done and where will you go?

* Expand your mind and feel yourself grow.

Keep your eyes and heart open, ask for guidance each day.

Resolve to find and follow your North Star, then never turn away.

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