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Another timely poem by Jean Abrahamson

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Stranger By The Day

Stranger by the Day

By Jean Abrahamson

Things keep getting stranger by the day.

Can’t seem to put my mind at ease.

Shall I watch with interest or look away?

Hard to make sense of times such as these.

History is in the making; you’ll want to pay attention.

Pick your news source and watch with apprehension.

There’s so much at stake. Keep up, don’t fall behind.

Remember to protect yourself so you won’t lose your mind.

Populism, tribalism - concerned people take a side,

While others remain oblivious to what is going on.

Relatives and others at wits end, their ideas collide.

It’s an uncomfortable, unnatural phenomenon.

Moral standards and ethics some people say.

Others count their money and look the other way.

People take sides, some provide cover,

For behavior unacceptable in another.

Finger pointing, cover ups, and stalling - the norm.

Obstruction, obfuscation, chaos - so uncouth.

These tactics sidetrack hearings meant to inform,

When what we need to uncover is the truth.

And what is the truth and to whom does it matter?

Can’t help but wonder, will all our norms shatter?

What “is” and what “should be” are two separate things.

Check your thoughts and knowledge, watch for warnings.

The Constitution and the rule of law, our country’s foundation.

Democracy is precious, it requires thought, action and care.

Don’t take it for granted, we have a special nation,

One that requires attention, commitment and prayer.

Our country is as divided as it has seldom been.

Let’s solve this together so it won’t happen again.

Are we wise enough to keep our democracy?

Let’s hope so, stay informed, in time we will see.

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