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Two poems by katy galica

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I am flying again…

soaring without wings or care,  


 by the fact that it is you that I am coming home to.

You are my home you know, 

my hearth, my heart,

 my roof, my truth…

you are the comfort that gives me proof

 that I am strong 

and makes me want 

to venture out 

from under your roof 

and strengthen my  truth 

to bring it back home to you.

in making me safe you make me brave,

you make me believe in the world again; 

that all the rosy nonsense 

might actually mean something.

I am flying again …

 soaring without wings or care, 


  that this striking lightning -ed sky 

remains , 

so that when I land , 

I can 

thank you properly 

for the flight. 



and on a lighter note...



sky cars 

winged machines

whatever they are

they get me high

without even a flap

from there to here

again and back

zoom zoom 

clouds fast and vast 

turns the world 

into one small room

as if I were on a reindeers back 

seeing through santa’s eyes.

ho ho ho

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