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Some more poems

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We have some more poetry for your enjoyment. Two poems by Jean Abrahamson - A Young Girl Can Dream and Yoga Class.

A Young Girl Can Dream

by Jean Abrahamson

I’ve always been in love with George Harrison.

He’s my favorite Beatle, there is no comparison.

John and Paul sang they wanted to “hold my hand”.

But it was George I wanted, hope they understand.

The Beatles became an overnight sensation.

Their clever wit and sound peaked my fascination.

I loved their songs and their unique music style.

Each glimpse of George made me dream and smile.

He spoke directly to me, from his place in the band.

This silent guy with hypnotic eyes, guitar in hand

I watched the group on tv, with my heart a’ thumping.

Lucky girls in the live audience, screaming and jumping.

From Liverpool, England, then across this nation.

Their cultural impact stirred up my generation.

The group went on to worldwide acclaim.

As they catapulted to unimaginable fame.

I was heartbroken when the group disbanded.

Then George’s talent for songwriting expanded.

Seems he wrote, Something (in the way she moves) for me.                                                                

If only he’d know me, that’s the way it would be.

Sorry to say, I never met the man.

But a young girl can dream, oh yes she can.



Yoga Class

By Jean Abrahamson

Walk in the class and find your place,

Roll out your mat and move with grace.

Leave stress and problems at the door,

Seek mindfulness and so much more.

Moves and music are teacher’s choice -

She speaks softly with a soothing voice.

Be silent now, breathe through your nose.

Keep the pace and strike the pose.

Down dog, child’s pose, Warrior One -

Tree pose, bridge - we’ve just begun.

Build muscle strength and flexibility,

Use body and mind, seek tranquility.

Rows of bodies move as one -

Each move in perfect unison.

Breathe then bend, sun salutation,

Balance, twist, feel the sensation.

Now it’s time to go on our way.

Peace be with you and Namaste.

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