Divided Dark Sky

Divided Dark Sky

A picture from Montana Sky Country seems divided as the clouds separate.

Like the future of our nation continuously changing; such as fate.

We can’t predict the journey of these clouds.

We can’t predict the outcome of elections of candidates who run for President.

But the voters’ choice is reflected by selections.

The future decisions increase the division of the Senate and House legislation.

Each voter has opinions that matter; some people agree with each other.

Voices increase volume and chatter trying to solve the nation’s grief.

Agreeing to apprehend a thief, or letting freedom reign for any person on earth

Who crosses the border—disregarding the prospect of law and order.

We are witnessing how democratic government is run.

Dividing our nation like gray clouds in the troubled, Montana sky.

Patriotic citizens want the clouds to disappear,

Uniting all Americans to welcome the peaceful sun.

By Patricia Holman Peckham