Developing Poetry



Mosaic Sky

Pat Holman Peckham

Strange cloud collections paint weird mosaic sky

Blobs form connections with colors drifting by

Tints, shades, and hues of pinks, gold, grays, white, or blues

Creates a morning mosaic in the sky.


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Soon You Will Soar

Jean Abrahamson

You sit in a nest where the trees touch the sky,

And look at the world far below.

Small eaglet to youth in the blink of an eye.

What’s seen from your nest, all you know.

Soon instinct will tell you it’s time to fly

Be brave, ride the wind, off you’ll go.

Gather courage, flap your wings, then soar.

Many wonders await you, and so much more.

But first, practice balance out on that limb.

Stretch your wings, practice to strengthen them.

Those wings will take you to sights unimaginable

From your current perch, experiences unfathomable.

Adventure awaits those brave enough to fly.

You’re so close, take the leap, explore the sky.